Tiffany was young and her parents weren’t very strict. They let her be on the internet as much as she wanted. They also allowed dating but Tiffany didn’t date. She spent most of her time on various social networks and neglected her schoolwork. Her grades were suffering. She was at the end of her junior year and was failing Chemistry. Summer school seemed like a likely consequence and Tiffany had given up on that subject completely.

Tiffany’s father liked to drink and watch sports. He never really wanted kids but his wife did and they managed to have two. The younger one, Brian, was pretty good at sports and was the favorite. Tiffany and Brian didn’t get along that well but they managed to avoid each other and actually didn’t fight that often. Brian was often away practicing soccer anyways and Tiffany liked to stay holed up in her bedroom like a hermit.

Between Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, Tiffany let the hours slip by and many nights she was up pretty late. She managed to attract a few stalkers but that didn’t bother her that much.

Note from the author: This is too boring to write but I’m publishing it anyways. I will find something better to write about tomorrow. This blog is mainly to practice writing so a bunch of stuff might just be unfinished.