Free writing

Lily had had enough. It all started with an innocent email to Jamie to ask if she wanted to go to the party that everyone was talking about at school. Lily thought most people had been invited and that it was going to be one of those huge parties where basically anyone can show up. She was wrong.

Jamie replied angrily to the email and stated she hadn’t been invited and that she didn’t think Lily should go. Lily really liked parties though and also didn’t like being told what to do. She wrote back, “Don’t tell me what to do, I’ll go to the party if I want to. Its not my fault you weren’t invited”.

This email exchanged evolved into a fight between the two friends and eventually they were actually cursing at each other and really not even talking about the party anymore. Neither one had the sense to let it go and stop replying. This all occurred over the course of one Thursday evening when both of them were glued to the internet.

They both used Tumblr and followed each other there. That was probably unwise but it didn’t seem to be problematic at first. Jamie started posting some rude comments about her friend Lily. Lily was logged in and saw that so then went ahead with the drama and posted her own rude comments about Jamie. This bored several random followers who didn’t go to their school and didn’t really know what the posts were about.

Jamie and Lily had considered each other to be “best friends”. Neither one felt like backing down out of this fight though and they just continued to email and post online.

Finally Lily just got sick of the entire thing and went to bed. When she woke up, her phone had some texts from Jamie but she didn’t read them. At school, they did see each other but just avoided talking.

It was Friday, the day of the party. Caroline was the host of the party and her parents were out of town. Lily still felt bitter about Jamie. Jamie was still fuming as well.

This wasn’t their first fight and it wouldn’t be their last. Lily did go to the party. Jamie kept texting Lily the entire time telling her what a bad friend she was. After the fifth text, Lily turned off her phone. The party ended up being a bit on the boring side and Lily left early. However, she turned on her phone and texted Jamie back finally stating that the party was amazing and that she had had so much fun.


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